1. vaddera educational charitable trust (NGO)established 2019. trust main aim is developed education in poor childrens.
  2.  Development depend on Education.
  3. Change in society is possible through Education.
  4. To conducted blood banks camps&eye bank camps
  5. What we give it will last for some time

But given Education is always there
So the trust doing pure working for education and health development programes for poor people.

We launched the Vaddera Educational Charitable Trust on 12/09/2019. So far, 300 students in tenth grade have been provided with exam pads,pens ,pencils and compass boxs materials.

Chairman is working lecturer in chemistry since 14 years various sectors.Chairman is came from backward family.The Chairman of the Trust faced many difficulties and educated himself.
I had a lot of trouble reading it
I started this trust that no one should fall for studying such difficulties

  • Child Education.
  • Women Empowerment.
  • Free Coaching/Tuition’s.
  • Provide Free Note Book,Pen,Pencil,Painting Colours.
  • Provide Best Future Scope Career.

Orsu Rangaiah Vadde

(Founder and Chairman)
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